Direct To Consumer Test Kits

Concerned about your health?
If you’re concerned about fatigue, tiredness, or any other symptoms, a blood test is the most effective way of detecting underlying health issues.

Want to monitor a health condition?
If you’re concerned or living with a disorder or illness, a blood test can be an effective way to detect or monitor an ongoing health issue.

Want to lift your performance?
If you’re training for an event or keen to monitor your fitness progress, a blood test is a fantastic place to start.


A great deal of effort is being put into taking pressure off UK primary care, particularly GP services.

Focus is being put on the expansion of the role of community pharmacists and nurses in dealing with minor conditions. But a key element in all of this will be the patients themselves.

More aware of health issues and better informed than previous generations (largely thanks to Dr Google) the public can - and is eager to - play a far greater role in monitoring their own bodies and their health status.


Take the test
At home, or in one of our testing locations.

Send us your sample
We provide pre-paid postage for our at home tests.

Receive your results
We provide a secure link to your doctor validated personal results.

We're here to make that goal easy. 

Low sample volume, self-administered 'pin prick' blood assays that are accurate and low cost are transforming medicine and moving it into the home. It will become increasingly common for the general population to directly monitor their own health concerns in key areas.

Opening access to the type of blood pathology assays that were once limited to clinic and hospital settings. 

LML offer over 30 tests and health profiles that can be ordered online (or obtained via our retailers). Each test is reviewed by a doctor and includes a medical report and wider patient information.

Reports are provided within 24 hours of receipt of sample.

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Female Sexual Health - Advanced Screen

Diabetes - diagnosis and monitoring

Menopause & Fertility Hormones Profile

Sports Fitness Profile



We work with cutting-edge, high-quality products from the following companies

  • Abbott
  • Abbott Hematology
  • AlinIQ
  • Cepheid
  • heydoc
  • Ansh Labs