Consumer Health Checks

'How are you?' 

It's a question we often ask others and if we are honest, often ask of ourselves.

As we age, as our bodies change, as our lifestyles alter, there is always the concern that subtle changes in our bodies that would be best spotted earlier, go un-noticed. A tendency to stoicism means that we tend to visit our GP only when we know things are not right.

Simple, reliable, inexpensive health-check testing provides re-assurance to the well and an early warning to those who might have slight concerns or who know that they are at risk.

Given the tools, people are both willing and wise to take an active role in monitoring their own well-being and take charge of their health. Which is where we come in.

Our health checks are a little like a car MOT. We check the critical systems and your patient receives a report that tells them if there is a need for a consultation with a healthcare professional. Or simply a few lifestyle changes.

We offer a range of Health Checks (appropriate to age or known health risks) that combine blood tests with clinical measurements and lifestyle questionnaires. Clinicians can choose to administer the Health Check or send patients to one of our locations to have the Health Check administered by a member of the London Medical Laboratory team. A report is provided the next day.


Our health checks cover 

blood tests
Blood test
body mass
Body Mass Index
blood pressure
Blood pressure
waist circumference
Waist circumference


A Health Check may find health problems that patients don’t know they have or provide an indication of the risk of developing them in the future. Catching a problem early is vital. Knowing one’s risk factors is essential. With this window into health, a patient can make the lifestyle changes, or receive the necessary treatment, dramatically changing the course of many health problems. Feel empowered and informed and live the best life possible.

Following a health check, our doctors review all the information and write a full report into every aspect explored in the health check. This report includes a range of advice on relevant lifestyle changes and advises on whether a consultation with a healthcare professional is required. In any case, it is always best to discuss results with one’s doctor or healthcare professional.

We work with cutting-edge, high-quality products from the following companies

  • Abbott
  • Abbott Hematology
  • AlinIQ
  • Cepheid
  • heydoc
  • Ansh Labs