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The purpose of this page is to provide you with the materials you may need when offering blood tests to your customers. If you can't find what you're looking for here don't hesitate to directly contact the laboratory and one of our staff will be happy to assist.

Supply Ordering

Need additional supplies? Click Here to download our order form. Fill it out and email it to and one of the despatch team will process your order. We aim to despatch supplies same-day where possible.

Test Request Forms

If you would like to print additional Test Request Forms at any time, you can click Here to download a copy.

When completing the Test Request Forms please use block capitals and take care to ensure all sections are filled out. Mistakes can result in delays in processing samples.

Available Profiles and Tests

LML offers a range of individual tests and profiles. Click Here to view our main profiles and to see details of their turn-around-time and what tests are included in each profile.

Sample Requirement Guide

Blood tests samples need to be sent to the laboratory in the appropriate tube. Our three main tube types are:

Green Top - Lithium Heparin
Gold/Yellow Top - SST/Gel
Lavender/Purple Top - EDTA 

Click Here to view the Sample Requirement Guide for our most common tests. The laboratory prefers Green top tubes for smaller sample volumes as it allows for more serum to be extracted for processing. With this in mind, for any test with sample requirement listed as 'Gold', if you are providing a microtrainer sample, please use Green tube instead.

If you have any doubt you are using the correct tube, please don't hesitate to contact the laboratory on 020 7183 3718.

Video guide on how to produce a finger-prick sample.

The video below provides a demonstration of an individual producing a blood sample via the finger-prick method.